Agric Science for J.S.1

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Course Content

Definition & Importance of Agriculture

Types of Agriculture Based on Levels of Production

Types of Agricultural Practices in the Localities

Forms of Agricultural Activities in the Communities

Parts of Flowering Plants and their Functions

Classification of Crops Based on Crop Plant Forms: Monocotyledonous and Dicotyledonous Plants

Classification of Crops Based on Lifespan: Annual, Biennial and Perennial Crops

Classification of Crops Based on Uses of Crops

Classification of Crops Based on Sources of Food Nutrients

Distribution of Crops in Nigeria

Uses of Crops

Revision and First Term Examinations

Meaning, Types & Characteristics of Farm Animals

Characteristic Features of Some Farm Animals and their Distribution in Nigeria

Factors Affecting the Distribution of Livestock in Nigeria

Classification of Farm Animals Based on Size and Habitat

Classification of Animals Based on Mode of Reproduction

Classification of Animals based on Stomach types and Feeding Pattern

Uses of Farm Animals

Revision and Second Term Examinations

Definition and Classification of Weeds

Classification of Weeds based on Habitat, Life Cycle and Shapes of Leaves

Uses of Weeds: Methods of Weed Control

Effects of Weed Control on Vegetation and Soil

Dispersal of Weeds (Weeds Dissemination)

Meaning, Types and Classification of Pests

Description of the Damage Done By Pests

Effects of Crop Pests on Yield; Economic Importance of Pests

Meaning and Factors of Agricultural Production: Land, Water

Factors of Production: Labour

Factors of Production: Capital

Factors of Production: Entrepreneur or Management

Revision and Third Term Examinations

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