Agric Science for J.S.2

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Course Content

Farm Structures and Buildings

Uses and Maintenance of Farm Structures and Buildings

Crop Propogation and Cultural Practices

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crop Propagation

Pre-planting Operations

Planting Operations

Post-planting Operations

Effects of Timely Harvesting Versus Late Harvesting

Post-Harvesting Operations

Revision and First Term Examinations

Animal Feeds and Feeding

Animal Feeds and Feeding Continues

Farm Animal Diseases

Modes of Transmission and Symptoms of Farm Animal Diseases

Methods of Prevention and Control of Farm Animal Diseases

Revision and Second Term Examinations

Introduction to Fishery

Fish Processing and Preservation Methods

Risk Factors in Water and Fish Farming

Forest and Forest Uses: Meaning and Types of Forests

Forest Resources and their Uses

Effects of Forest on the Environment

Human Activities that Affect the Forest

Revision and Third Term Examinations

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