Basic Science for J.S.1

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Course Content

Introduction to Basic Science

Family Health: Sanitation

Family Health: Refuse and Sewage

Family Health: Nutrition

Family Health: Drug

Classification of Drug; Drug Abuse

Environmental Pollution: Water Pollution

Air Pollution

Land or Soil Pollution

Revision and First Term Examinations

Living Things

Non-Living Things: Matter

Classification of Non-Living Things: Metals and Non-Metals

Energy: Meaning; Sources and Forms of Energy

Transformation of Energy: Uses of Energy

Renewable and Non Renewable Energy

Energy and Society

Revision and Second Term Examinations

Force: Meaning; Types and Uses of Force

Calculation of Gravitational Force

Friction: Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Gravitational Forces and Weightlessness

The Earth in Space

Space Travel


Revision and Third Term Examinations

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