Basic Technology for J.S.1

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Course Content

Understanding Technology: Introduction to Technology

Safety Guidelines for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Safety Guidelines for Motorists

Workshop Safety: Workshop Safety Devices

Workshop Safety Rules & Regulations

Properties of Materials: Properties of Wood

Properties of Ceramics; Properties of Glass

Building Materials

Properties of Metals

Basic Emission Theory

Basic Electronic Devices

Revision and First Term Examinations

Drawing Instruments and Materials

Uses of Drawing Instruments and Materials

Basic Techniques of Handling and Caring for Drawing Instruments and Materials

Basic Board Practice: Setting Drawing Paper on the Board; Sharpening Pencil to Conical Point and Knife Edge

Board Practice: Using the Tee Square and Set Square for Drawing Board, Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Board Practice: Positioning and Drawing the Title Block; Freehand Writing of Letters and Numerals

Freehand Sketching

Basic Freehand Techniques of Drawing Circles, Irregular Shapes, etc

Revision and Second Term Examinations

Woodwork Hand Tools: Measuring Tools; Setting and Marking Tools

Driving & Boring Tools

Holding Devices; Cutting and Pairing Tools

Marking Out Tools, Measuring Tools and Gauge

Driving Tools and Cutting Tools

Maintenance of Tools and Machines

The Importance of Maintenance

Revision and Third Term Examinations

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