Basic Technology for J.S.2

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Course Content

First Aid and First Aid Materials

Meaning and Aspects of Rescue Operations

Steps Involved In Rescue Operations

The Uses of Wood

The Uses of Metals

The Uses of Ceramics, Rubber and Plastics

Geometric Construction: Construction of a Circle

Geometric Construction: Tangents of a Circle

Revision and First Term Examinations

Geometric Construction: Construction of a Triangle

Geometric Construction: Construction of Quadrilaterals

Plane Figures

Enlargement and Reduction of Plane Figures

Portable Power Tools

Stationary Woodwork Machines

Woodwork Materials and Machines

Metal Work Machines

Inscribed and Circumscribed Circles to a Given Triangle

Geometric Construction: Polygons

Simple Metal Work Tools and Cutting

Revision and Second Term Examinations

Belts and Chain Drives

Air Flow, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines

Gear Drive


Wood Continues


Ceramics, Glass, Plastics and Rubber

Revision and Third Term Examinations

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