Biology for S.S.2

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Course Content

The Digestive System I

The Digestive System II

Transport Systems I

Transport Systems II

Respiratory Systems I

Respiratory Systems II

Excretory Systems and Mechanisms

Excretory Systems and Mechanisms in Earthworm, Insects and Mammals

First Term Biology Practical Test

First Term Biology Practical Test (Marking Guide)

Revision and First Term Examinations

Nutrient Cycling in Nature: Water Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, Decomposition in Nature

Nutrient Cycling in Nature: Carbon Cycle, Oxygen Cycle

Ecological Management: Association

Ecological Management: Tolerance


Conservation of Natural Resources

Pests and Diseases of Crops

Reproductive Systems in Vertebrates: Fish and Reptiles

Revision and Second Term Examinations

Reproductive Systems in Vertebrates: Birds and Mammals

Reproductive Systems in Vertebrates: Comparison of Reproduction in Vertebrates

Reproductive Systems in Plants

Regulation of the Internal Environment: The Kidney

Regulation of the Internal Environment: The Liver; The Skin

The Nervous System: The Central Nervous System (CNS)

The Nervous System: The Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)

Revision and Third Term Examinations

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