Business Studies for J.S.1

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Course Content

Introduction to Business Studies

Meaning, Types and Functions of Office

Meaning, Functions and Qualities of Clerical Staff

The Right Attitude to Work

Departments in an Office/Organisation and their Functions

Introduction to Commerce

Divisions of Commerce

Meaning, Forms and Effects of Production

The Factors of Production

Revision and First Term Examinations

Types of Occupation

Honesty in Business

Ethics in Sourcin Chemicals


Forms of Business Organisation: Sole Trade

Forms of Business Organisation: Partnership

Forms of Business Organisation: Co-operative Societies

Forms of Business Organisation: Limited Liability Company

Consumer, Market and Society

The Need for Monitoring and Control of Chemicals

Introduction to Book-keeping

Introduction to Book-keeping

Source Documents


Revision and Second Term Examinations

Double Entry Book-keeping

Journals, Ledgers; Classification of Accounts

Introduction to Keyboarding

Parts of a Computer Keyboard

Care of the Computer; Correct Keyboarding Techniques

Home Roy Keys (Keyboarding Applications)

Alphanumeric Keys (Keyboarding Applications)

Basic Service Keys (Keyboarding Applications)

Correct Spacing and Punctuation Marks (Keyboarding Applications)

Revision and Third Term Examinations

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