Social Studies for J.S.3

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Course Content

Meaning, Causes & Consequences of Human Trafficking

Preventive Measures to Human Trafficking

Meaning, Examples & Consequences of Harmful Traditional Practices

Prevention of Harmful Traditional Practices

Promoting Peaceful Living In Our Society

Social Conflicts: Meaning & Types of Conflicts

Examples of Conflicts: Causes & Consequences of Conflicts

Revision and First Term Examinations

Conflict Management & Resolution

Meaning & Causes of Cultism

Consequences of Cultism: Solutions to Cultism

Meaning of Drug Trafficking: Reasons for Trafficking in Drugs

Consequences of Drug Trafficking: Prevention of Drug Trafficking

Revision and Second Term Examination

Population Census

Self Esteem

National Economy: Sectors & Reforms

Media expression

Goal setting

Trafficking in children and women

Family life education

Revision and Third Term Examinations

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