Development Bank of Nigeria Loan



Development Bank of Nigeria


This loan is open to all businesses.

Loan Limit

Maximum scheme limit
  Working capital: N60M
Term Loan: N200M

Interest Rate

Maximum Interest Rate: 9% p.a
Moratorium available

Max Tenor

Maximum Tenor: 4 years

Security Required

Minimum Equity Contribution-30% of total project cost plus any of legal mortgage, all assets debentures, personal guarantor

Documents Required

Customer’s request letter
Company registration
Cashflow analysis
Audited financials (if applicable)
Valuation report of property to be pledged as collateral
Legal mortgage over suitable property to be pledged as collateral

Approval Time

About Four (4) months from the time you submit all the required documentation

Thinking About Repayment Plan?

Calculate the monthly payment and overpayment for the loan
10 00010 000 000

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