How Patricia Sold Off a Container Load of Eye Glasses Without Renting a Shop

Patricia sold off a 20 feet container load of eye glasses and sun glasses without even renting a shop or office.

A friend invited me to look at the showroom of an eye clinic some months ago and this clinic had like a 20fit container load of eye glasses and sun glasses made of male and female styles, different colours, different shapes, different sizes, made of different materials and some combination of materials. The owner had no money to pay expensive shop rents, show room setup and all that. After looking at a lot of options, we built a product recommendation quiz for him. So when you land on the website, you are asked to take a quiz to find out what eye frames would be perfect for you.

  1. What are you looking for? Men’s style or women’s style. You choose!
  2. What’s your face width? Small, medium, wide? You choose!
  3. What shape do you like? Round, rectangle, square or cat-eye? You choose
  4. What colour do you like? Bright, neutral, black, tortois, crystal? You choose!
  5. What materials do you like? Acetate, metal or mixed material? You choose!
  6. When was your last eye exam? In the last 1 month, 1-3 months ago, 3-12 months ago, over a year ago? You choose.
  7. Do you want sunglasses recommendation too? Yes, show me both or no, just eye glasses? You choose!
  8. Enter your email to get your recommendations
  9. Quiz results recommendation page.

Do you know the number of people who have taken that quiz? In the first month alone, it was 4,312 from cold facebook traffic. So with 4,000+ names and emails, he can now send them promo details to get back and complete their purchases. Do you know how much he sold in the first 90 days? More than 3,000 units of eye frames.

Is your own products more difficult to sell than eye glasses? Isn’t that exciting? Are you ready to get started? Are you ready to start your own journey to rent freedom?



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