How to Make a Million Naira a Month from a Herbalist

How to Make at least a Million Naira a month from the secrets of a herbalist without being the herbalist yourself.

To make N1,000,000 this month, go to your village, look for an herbalist, not a Native Doctor. Every village has herbalists that use herbs to cure various diseases. Get an herbalist that has cure for something you can see and verify e.g fibroid for women.

He or she will not ask for N2,000 to get the herb required to solve a particular health problem. Collect the phone number of that herbalist and go home. When you get back to the city, put it on social media that you have cure for fibroid. Put your price on it and put your phone number.

Over ten thousand people will see it and if it is only one hundred of them who patronize you at N10,000 each.

Are you the herbalist? No, you are not the herbalist but you were able to use the herbalist as well as the social media to make N1million.

There are so many people today talented but ignorant of the use of the internet and social media you can sell for 5 different people and earn a living.


Money on the Street of Nigeria by Francis Okumagba p 37

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