Welcome to Primary 3, Grade 3, or Year 3 Classroom
By Heroes & Heroines Capital Ltd

I’m Xavier Effiong & I’ll be your online classroom manager for this class. Learn by watching cartoons, interactive videos, movies, doing confidential quizzes and reading beautifully colored notes online.
Send me a chat on +2348030995457 on WhatsApp if you have questions or suggestions.

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Why Learn Online

Carry It Everywhere

Your teacher will not always be there with you in person but with your cellphone, laptop or tablet, you have the class always

Repeat As You Wish

If you're a fast learner, you can move on to the next lessons or go do other quizzes. If you need to watch the videos again, do it.

Practice In Private

You can take all the tests again and again and again till you are comfortable with all the questions. With that, you're a star