Sales Funnel Turnkey


Hire me to be your freelance marketer


I’ll make you more money
I’ll save you a lot of time &
I’ll make your brand popular


How will I achieve this?


I’ll build a branded website for your products alone with all the email automation system, automated email follow up, automated sms follow up, need discovery quizzes, appointment booking platform, payment Integration, delivery person dashboard, customers cargo tracking system, etc. Everything required to meet the target.


If I pay for it (the site development), I’ll keep it after the engagement.


If you pay for it, you’ll keep it after the engagement.


All the headache of bringing people to the site, converting them to customers, following up on them would be mine.


If you want to have control over what I say on social media and YouTube or email or WhatsApp, the option is available.


This Offer Includes

  •  Domain Name purchase for one year – $15
  • Hosting for one year (subject to fair usage)  – $60
  • Basic website setup – $173
  • Create one business email – Free
  • Google work subscription for one year – $72
  • Amazom SES    – $100
  • Email client  –    $100
  • Write 156 email copy – $1,300
  • Site updates and security for one year – $180
  • Campaign optimization for one year – $400
  • Funnel building for flagship product – $200
  • Paid Traffic        –  $400


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