The Barber Who Went From N30,000 per Month to Over a Million Naira a Month

Barbar who moved from making less than thirty thousand naira per month to more than N1,000,000 per month.

A barber in a saloon who makes less than N30,000 per month earning commission on every hair he cuts now makes over a million a month with my mentorship. He came in believing that a million naira a month was mathematically impossible for a barbar.

I directed him to three boarding school hostels to go see the house masters offering to barb all the children in these boarding houses every weekend and charge them thirty percent of what they charge outside and that whatever he gets, he should share the money with the house masters of the various boarding houses respectively.

Today, the barbar makes over N1,000,000 a month as he now has about 12 boarding houses and 4 employees who visit some of the boarding houses on a salary while he visits others.

The secret was finding his missing link.


Money on the Street of Nigeria by Francis Okumagba p 32

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