The Restaurant Owner Who Moved from N90k sales to N2m sales per month

This restaurant owner was doing about N3,000 in sales per day, about N90,000 per month but a simple trick took her to more than N2,000,000 sales per month.

Last year, I went to a certain restaurant and asked the vendor if she has any issue with the business. She said its low patronage. I asked her to open a register and run a free extra meat promo. In exchange for extra meat, customers are to enter their full name, phone number, email and birthday in the register. She did it and in one month, she had close to 400 people on the database.

For the next two weeks, we helped her sent out emails and sms to these people just about an hour before launch time and guess what happened. She tripled her sales. She’s now too busy cooking and serving customers she has not time to return my calls.

Then we setup the birthday specials promo where she gives customers discount if they buy up to 3 portions of food on their birthdays.

Then we setup a pass the savings promo where if she sees okro, meat, garri or anything significant to buy at a lower price, she tells us and we send a mail to her list sharing the good news that food will be N50, or N210 cheaper today depending because she got a good deal while buying the inputs.

Do you think she still needs to pay expensive shop rent? Do you see her customers leaving her if she stops paying expensive shop rent and choose to sell online and do home & office deliveries?

What we did for her was an example of Rent-Free Follow Up. It is one of the components of the Rent Free Selling System. Can you see yourself doing this? Would you like to be our next case study?



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