The Spa Employee Who Moved from N50,000 Per Month to N1million per month

Maxus, the Spa Staff Who Moved from N50,000 a month to N1,000,000

I asked a ‘Maxus” working in a Spa where I went for a body massage how much her monthly earning is, she said N50,000 and I told her how she could make as much as N1million monthly with my mentorship. It sounded strange, she claimed it’s impossible. I then asked her to go to the national hospital, ask to see the Matron. Ask the Matron to refer her to rich people who come to the hospital with stroke who require management at home. Charge N100,000 a month and any amount they pay you; promise to give the Matron 20% of whatever you get. That Maxus got the referral she wanted. She got more than 5 Matrons in the different hospitals referring people now to her.

Today, she makes over a million naira a month from earning N50,000 a month. All she did was change her mindeset from an employee to an entrepreneur, get a mentor and do what the mentor said. She was good at one thing and all she needed was find the system that consistently sends rich customers to her.

Connecting her to the missing link of somebody who is in the hospital where people who have issues will be reached easily enabled her to make her mark and today she makes over a million naira a month.


Money on the Street of Nigeria by Francis Okumagba p 31-33

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